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Ram Charan Loves Money more than me – Chiranjeevi

In a recent Interview, Chiranjeevi made sensational comments on his son and the producer of the film ‘Khaidi No 150’ Ram Charan. Ram Charan, Chiranjeevi, and director of the film VV Vinayak were seen in a recent video interview along with the host Niharika. Talking in that Interview Chiranjeevi gave credit to his wife Surekha for the effort she put in the changeover of Chiru’s body and the look. He shared the credit with both the son and his wife. He said that his family has been a great support, Chiru said Surekha has taken care of his food, while Charan appointed a personal trainer for fitness besides regularly providing protein shakes.

Ram Charan Loves Money more than me – Chiranjeevi

Meanwhile, there is a twist in this that Chiru attributed all this caring of Charan as the producer of the film, as the producer’s care towards hero and nothing else. Even when director of the film Khaidi No 150 VV. Vinayak who is sitting next to him intervened and tried to clarify, how Charan used to call to him while shooting and used to inquire about his dad’s (Chiru’s) mood, Chiranjeevi didn’t agree by saying that for the output of the movie he used to ask about the mood.

However, Chiranjeevi made all these comments jocularly, but these comments slightly seem to have irked Ram Charan as a son. Meanwhile, Chiranjeevi satisfied him by saying that when he had sprained his ankle while dancing for a shooting of song with heroine of the fil Kajal, Charan showed his love as a father and asked him to take complete rest. But, Chiranjeevi didn’t listened to Charan this time and he is back in shoot in 18 hours after the injury, even when the doctor is consulted he asked him to take 2 days complete rest for the injury.

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