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Pawan’s 15 Days Deadline To Govt

Jan Sena Chief and actor Pawan Kalyan has met kidney patients in Uddanam, Ichapuram in Srikakulam today. He has been fighting against the government to solve the problems in the village. Thousands of people lost their lives in the past few years because of a rare kidney chronic disease however no government has taken this issue seriously. Pawan was very emotional while speaking in Ichapuram.

I sent a research team when I came to know about this problem. Thousands of people died because of this chronic disease and I am surprised how no political party helped or took any preventive measures to prevent this disease. Why doesnt the government allot a part of the budget from the state to save them?

I request the government and Health Minister to investigate the issue with a committee. Crores of money has been spent for Pushkaralu or the capital construction however no leader raised an issue even after many people losing their lives.

I will meet Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu along with the cabinet after I receive a report from my team. I request the government to announce an immediate step to solve the kidney chronic issue soon. I will lead a massive protest if the government fails to respond on the issue after the deadline of 15 days.

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