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Nag Says He Learnt A Lot From Shirdi Sai

Om Namo Venkatesaya is fouth devotional film in Nagarjuna and K Raghavendra Rao’s combination after Annamayya, Sri Ramadasu and Shirdi Sai. While first two films were big hits, their last combinational movie was a flop. However, Nagarjuna says he learnt a lot from the film- like wht mistakes they should not repeat to make Om Namo Venkatesaya.

“We stuck to the story and kept things minimalistic. In the process, the film Shirdi Sai became like a documentary,” reflects Nagarjuna. When it comes to ONV, Nag said that, they took extreme care from story-writing to making to post-production to promotions.

“We’ve made an engaging, non-preachy film. We all have gone to Tirupati at some point and followed dos and don’ts because we were told to, without knowing the reasons behind them. This film will tell you the little stories behind those dos and don’ts in a fun manner. I’m hoping that will appeal to a younger audience,” informs Nag.

“The film is a dramatized version of Hathiram Baba’s story and we will have a note stating that it’s partly fictional,” notifies the actor.

Meanwhile, ONV is all set to hit the screens worldwide on February 10th.

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