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Cast:  Manchu Vishnu, Hansika Motwani, MVV Satyanarayana, Jayaprakash etc.
Direction: Raj Kiran
Banner: MVV Cinemas
Music: Praveen Lakkaraju, Achu
Cinematography: PG Vinda
Release Date: Jan 26, 2016


Manchu Vishnu tasted success with his last movie Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam. On the other hand, director Raj Kiran who made successful debut with Geethanjali had delivered a flop with his last movie Tripura. Interestingly, he picked a commercial subject for Luckunnodu. Let’s see whether this film has potential to do well at box office…


Lucky is one unlucky fellow decides to commit suicide as he has no option left with his father (Jayaprakash) and girlfriend Padma (Hansika Motwani) misunderstands him. But, luck knocks his door when he gets prepared to take the extreme step. Lucky has two options. One will make him a rich and other will give him a chance to prove his authenticity. What he picks? What’s actually the lucky chance? Will Vishnu succeed in his mission? Will he ever convince his dad and girlfriend?


1. Plot

2. Few Comedy Bits


1. Boring Screenplay

2. Music

3. Camera Work

4. Direction

Analysis :


Manchu Vishnu has scored success with comedy entertainers. So, he thought of playing safe game by picking yet another ‘entertaining subject’. But, he was wrong; the subject of Luckunnodu was not so entertaining. Though plot of the film is good somewhat, bad writing of screenplay played spoilsport. The film hardly has any enthralling moments. In fact, story has scope to create tension. But, writer and director duo didn’t utilize the opportunity. If father and son emotions were rightly captured, it should have connected to family audiences. Even romantic track was badly dealt. Actually, director Raj Kiran has focused more on Vishnu’s characterization and didn’t bother about other things.

Artists Performances:

Manchu Vishnu has played his role capably and has looked handsome. His dances and fights are good. Hansika Motwani was okay. Neither she gave remarkable performance, nor did she ooze any oomph to gratify one section of audiences. Apparently, she was chosen since the previous films she paired up with Vishnu turned hits. In fact, she is rarely seen in the film. She appeared only when songs are needed, in second half. Jayaprakash was good as usual. He has given justification to the role of hero’s father. Prabhas Srinu and Satyam Rajesh were funny. Producer MVV Satyanarayana who played negative role has wasted the opportunity. Other artists were okay.

Technical Aspect:

Director Raj Kiran previously made couple of horror films. In order to change his image, he has chosen a commercial subject. But, he hasn’t done his job impeccably this time. Diamond Ratnam’s apparently focused on ‘prasa’ in dialogues whether needed or not. His screenplay writing too is feeble. Couple of songs composed by Achu (club song) and Praveen were okay, but background score was bad. Cinematography by PG Vinda is another negative aspect. Production values by MVV Cinema are pretty average.


Luckunnodu hardly has any chances to survive at box office. The film hardly has any saving elements.

CineDhol Perspective :

CineDhol Perspective:

‘Unlucky Fellow’

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