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Anupama Hits Back at Ram Charan Project

The Telugu Cinema is one large and massive Film Industry with an even more huge fan following. All smallest to biggest happenings in the Tollywood Film Industry is reported and followed closely by fans. Things are sometimes blown far out of proportion. This is what closely happened with the popular Telugu film star called Anupama. As soon as the news broke out that the actress was out of a project after she was confirmed for the role. This spread like wildfire throughout the film industry and the following. It was reported that Anupama was sacked after the initial confirmation for the Ram Charan and Sukumar project.

Anupama Hits Back at Ram Charan Project

The Tollywood actress soon took to her Twitter handles and soon there was a post online that read. “As I look back on my life, I realize that every time I thought I was rejected from something good, I was actually being redirected to something better.” Now, this has once again blown out of proportion as the tweet from the Telugu actress did not go well with many fans. Reportedly these fans who did not like this tweet from the actress were those of the actor Ram Charan Fans. The actress however never said much about her being ousted from the Ram Charan project.

Meanwhile, filmstars being initially confirmed and then another film star took is quite a common happening in the Telugu Cinema. However, things were blown out of proportion soon. The film industry folks are jumping to conclusions that the actress has actually tweeted about the ‘sacked’ issue. Though she never spoke about the issue the actress twitter handles post on social media stirred up a controversy. The post appeared on her social networking account soon after news that the star was removed from the film project post confirmation.

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