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Soulful Songs (Chinuku Tadiki)

‘Chinuku Tadiki’ from Nee Sneham movie, composed by R.P.Patnaik, written by Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry, sung by Usha. This song is definitely among the best songs of both the music director R.P.Patnaik and singer Usha. Usha has received her first best singer 'Nandi' award for his song in 2003. R.P.Patnaik was completely at his peak during that time where he won continuous best music award for two years before this movie. He came up with everlasting tunes in this movie, both the songs and back ground music.

This song starts off with a beautiful humming followed by ‘Chinuku Tadiki’ sung melodiously by Usha. Before going into the details of the song, let us talk about the song lyrics. I just feel that the legendary Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry garu has put his heart and soul into this song. Sirivennela might have been very impressed with this song tune and gave his best for the lyrics of the song. Especially since this song is composed in ‘Hindolam’ Raaga and keeping this in mind, he has written the first few lines of the song as

Hindolamala saage andala selayeramma..
Aamani madhuvanama.. Aamani madhuvanama..
Chinuki tadiki chiguru todugu puvvamma..
Evari kanula chilipi kalavu nuvvamma..

This song is a very rare composition where there is a 16 bars continuous tune to write the lyrics. Below is one example sequence from the first stanza where the complete threes lines needed to be sung in single breathe. R.P.Pathaik has given a wonderful tune, singer Usha has brilliantly sung this and to add to this, the excellent lyrics written by Seetharama sastry in both the stanzas take this song to the next level.

Pasidi vekuvalu pandu vennelalau..
Pasithanalu paruvala velluvalu..
Kalipi ninnu malichado emo brahma..

To talk about composition in detail, R.P.Patnaik composed this song in Hindolam raaga where this raaga doesn't have Ri, Pa in the Arohana/Avarohana. But, Patnaik has experimented in the swaras portion which comes before the second stanza where he used the swara sthana of Panchamam (Pa) in the Hindolam raaga song. This is a great experiment and we need to appreciate R.P.Patnaik here totally.

Usha gave her best when comes to singing of this song. As mentioned earlier, she has won Nandi award for this song. Nee Sneham movie was produced by M.S.Raju and his next movie immediately after this was Varsham. After being very impressed by Usha’s singing in Nee snaham, he has insisted Devi Sri Prasad (DSP) to let Usha sing in Varsham movie. Since Usha has also impressed DSP along with M.S.Raju with her singing she was offered to sing 'Langa Oonni' song in Varsham which was Usha's first song for DSP and also a hit number in Varsham albm.

A young heroine singing and dancing in rain along with her grand-dad. What a situation? And what a composition? I don’t see these kind of situations and these sort of compositions these days. Perhaps, Chinuku Tadiki is the last of its kind and thus it is evergreen. It will last in our memories forever, and even probably 50 years down the line, you will see singers singing this song in music competitions.





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