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Sexy Rakul Preet Singh talks about her hard work!

Looking absolutely stunning and sexy in the recently released film Dhruva, the female lead Rakul Preet Singh has gained a new tag for herself. It is every actress dream to look sexy on screen and be termed as the sexy lady. The same thing flows out perfectly in favor for Rakul in the movie Dhruva where she looked absolutely stunning, fresh and sexy in the film. Rakul tries to make her appearance look perfect on silver screen and Dhruva took her fans to look at her at another level where she is a trend to be one of the sexiest actresses after the song “Pareshanura” in the film.

Sexy Rakul Preet Singh talks about her hard work!

Actress Rakul explains the efforts put in by her:

The song “Pareshanura” was shot very beautifully leaving the young and talented actor Ram Charan with a confession that Rakul took away all the credit of the song. The actress is very much appreciated for her appearance in the songs and now she opens up on the after story scenes explaining the efforts put it by her. She added up saying that it was not easy to get the visualisation of the song perfectly right and the song was shot just in 4 days.  The actress confessed saying that she did not even drink water at the time of shooting the song with a fear that it would make her stomach look little bulgy if she drinks water. She used to only wet her lips with water whenever was thirsty she kept eating watermelon that helped her to restore the water and keep her away from dehydration and used to just eat only 1-2 slices of it. Well, great efforts put in by Rakul to get the fame and title of the sexy avatar in the film. Great going Rakul Preet Singh.

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