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Phonographic Performance Limited released a new rule for Tonight’s New Year Celebrations

It is known that there will be loud music for the New Year evening parties all over, generally, several English tracks along with the Bollywood hot numbers and Tollywood hit tracks will be added in the queue of a playlist. The music is the main attraction in the New Year parties along with the Booze. Mostly it is known that the English hit albums will be played all over the pubs and private parties. Now there is a new rule released by the Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) in the two twin Telugu states.


Tonight, the twin Telugu states Andhra and Telangana will have a huge range of celebrations with the gala time celebrating the last day of this year and welcoming the next year into our lives. These celebrations can be seen all over the states in Pubs, Hotels, Bars and Discos along with the private parties. Apart from the English albums, some Hindi and Telugu hit tracks will be played all over the partying places to which the party hoppers will be grooving to amid explosive decibels. Now the Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) came with a new act for the Andhra and Telangana which is a quite upsetting decision.

                  The PPL gave strict restrictions top all the Pubs, Hotels, Bars and Discos on playing the Telugu songs during the New Year celebrations. They said that the Partying platforms are not allowed to play the Telugu songs in partying if any Organizers who wish to play the Telugu tracks must get the permission from the Phonographic Performance Limited. The Violators will be slapped with the legal notice to the respective place. The people celebrating the New Year evening at their residential places need not have to take any permission from the PPL, they can play any tracks they need to. The rule crossing organizers will be taken severe charge and a legal notice will be sent to the respective partying place.

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