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Pawan Will Explode At Right Time RGV


Vangaveeti is another controversial film coming from the maverick director Ram Gopal Varma. But, the difference here is people of coastal region may only connect with the film which is made based on the conflict between two most influential families in Vijayawada and it is set in 80’s backdrop.

RGV says, “Cinema is a medium which isn’t restricted for any particular region. People will see such films for conflict of characters and won’t actually bother about where it happened. If audiences are familiar with the story, then they will see it in their perspective and those who are unaware of the saga would watch it as a fictional film.”

All characters in Vangaveeti are named after original persons, won’t it be a problematic for him after release, “I don’t know. You may hear good news soon. Perhaps, someone would attack me soon,” chuckles RGV, adding, “As a film director, I have right to make a film from my own perspective. Vangaveeti is all about the emotions I experienced in my college days.”

RGV made the film with fresh artists and the reason he says for not casting any star is he could take liberty in pure story-telling. “Anything can happen in the film. Even the major character Radha dies. I don’t think it works if an established star portrays it,” affirms the director.

What excited RGV to make a biopic on not-so-popular Sasikala and why not on an influential person like Jayalalithaa? His answer is, “Everybody knows about Jayalalithaa. But, Sasikala became popular without any backing and reached the stage without having any major post.”

RGV is making films with a legendary hero like Amitabh Bachchan, nonetheless, he is not keen on stars like Chiranjeevi in Telugu, why? “I make realistic, high intensified, raw and rustic films. Chiranjeevi has a particular style and mindset. I don’t think I can reach the high expectations of his fans.”

RGV admires Pawan Kalyan, but not Pawanism. Can the Jana Sena chief succeed in politics? “Pawan Kalyan is like a sleeping volcano. He releases lava bubbles now and then. In my view, he will explode at the right time,” asserts RGV.

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