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Nanna Nenu Naa Boyfriends Movie Review

Cast:  Hebah Patel, Rao Ramesh, Tejaswi Madivada, Ashwin, Parvateesam, Noel etc.
Direction: Bhaskar Bandi
Banner: Lucky Media
Music: Sekhar Chandra
Cinematography: Chota K Naidu
Release Date: Dec 16, 2016

Hebah Patel has attained back to back hits. As of now, she hasn’t tasted even single flop. Will her success streak continue with Nenu Nanna Naa Boyfriends?

Padmavathi aka Paddu (Hebah Patel) is a different kind of girl from her childhood days and her doting father Rao Ramesh supports her all the way. When Paddu’s parents puts marriage proposal before her, she lies about already having a boyfriend who will be coming to India in 4 months. They give her 6 months-time.

Meanwhile, Paddu comes to Hyderabad to do job and stays in a room along with her best friend Tejaswini Madiwada. Paddu finalizes 3 best guys- Gokul (Noel), Nani (Ashwin) and Namo (Parvateesam) in the city to love and tells her friend that she will marry one of them. Paddu puts different tests for them and they pass in distinction every time. What happens when three get ready to sacrifice even their life ambitions to marry her? Whom Paddu finally marries? How her father reacts when he gets to know that his daughter loved three guys?

1. Hebah Patel’s Alluring Show
2. Adult Comedy
3. Few Songs
4. Rao Ramesh

1. Feeble Story
2. Tedious Narration
3. Unconvincing Climax
4. Production Values


Artists Performances:
Hebah Patel has become goddess for one section of audiences post Kumari 21F. She has got immense following equal to few young heroes. And that’s the reason why producer Bekkam Venugopal picked the starlet for his film. The entire story revolves around her. In fact, Hebah did justice to the role somewhat. She gratifies her fans with excess of skin show. When it comes to performance, she disappoints with pretty ordinary acting prowess. What’s more, lips synchronization was missing in several occasions. She looked lifeless in key sequences.

Rao Ramesh has once again proved that, he is a genuine actor. He is indeed best asset of the film. He makes great impact on the film, though his role is brief. We could patiently sit and watch pre-climax episode, though it was sloppy and unconvincing, only because of Rao Ramesh’s ultimate show. If not him, the film would have appeared as a B-Grade movie. Raj Tarun is okay in a cameo. Noel, Ashwin and Parvateesam were so so.

Technical Aspect:
Perhaps, director Bhaskar Bandi wanted to make female version of Chukkallo Chandrudu where hero tosses between three girls to make one of them as his life partner. Coming to Nenu Nanna Naa Boyfriends, Hebah wishes to pick guy of her choice and chooses three youngsters to love. When such subjects which look perfect in male version is rehabilitated to female version, entire meaning changes. Bhaskar might have thought that, including lengthy dialogues in the climax would change essence and audience opinion on the film. But, he was wrong. When there is no meaning, length isn’t a matter and audience won’t really connect to the story. Only thing that spectators would connect in the film is Hebah’s alluring show.

Sekhar Chandra composed few songs will gratify youth. Chota K Naidu’s cinematography is good. Production values of Lucky media are pretty ordinary.

Only one section of audience would enjoy the film. Family audiences would feel embarrassed, if they mistakenly go to watch the film.

TeluguOne Perspective:

The Girl And The Boyfriends Are So So…


Rating: 2.00

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