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Kangana was shamed for english speaking skill

Kangana Ranaut is a powerhouse performer on screen and the kind of roles that she choses are all of strong women and she is also like that off screen, strong, opinionated and independent. Kangana, who hails from a small town in Himachal Pradesh, in a recent interview that she faced a tough time in Bollywood as people shamed her for her dressing style and speaking skills. Kangana says she is not ashamed of where she comes from and even when people were talking bad about her, she retained her individuality. "I do not find anything embarrassing about my born existence. People tried to shame me, coming from small town, not being able to speak English, not being able to dress up properly. But that didn't shake anything in me. I always operated from the place of my individuality," she said, adding, "Even today when I work, the first reaction I get from people is 'Oh, she is a delicate beautiful girl' but as I go about my work, it disappears". Kangana also feels that people should be opinionated and should take a stand on issues pertaining to our society. "As individuals we do belong to the country but in a very individual way, we all care about what is happening the country, in politics, what leaders are doing. In a democracy what a leader does is the reflection of what we have chosen for us", she said.

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