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Just For Fun What If Baahubali 2 Fails!

SS Rajamouli directed Baahubali: The Beginning is one of the biggest blockbusters in India. Entire nation is waiting for the release of second part- Baahubali: The Conclusion slated for release on April 28, 2017.

The second installment has already made strong pre-release business in many territories and box office performance is expected to be colossal. This may not happen and we too hope this won’t ensue- What if Baahubali 2 fails to reach the expectations?

1. Those who lauded Rajamouli, who made only blockbusters till date, will start criticizing the director and they may even doubt his abilities!

2. They would give credit of Rajamouli previous hits to writers and other technicians.

3. Telugu cinema market enlarged because of Baahubali. And the negative result of Baahubali 2 would have its effect on upcoming Telugu releases. Most importantly, distributors fear to invest big amounts.

4. Producers may not dare to invest big amounts on Rajamouli next films. The director’s dream project Maha Bharat which he wanted to make with huge budget may not materialize in near future or forever.

5. Media of neighboring state would corner Rajamouli with various negative articles. One would be- long time period, Rajamouli usually takes to complete his films.

6. One positive aspect is every hero in the industry will be ready to work with Rajamouli, irrespective of result of Baahubali 2!

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