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Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayam

Cast:  Allari Naresh, Kruthika Jayakumar, Mouryani, Rajendra Prasad etc.
Direction: G Nageswara Reddy
Banner: Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra
Music: Sai Karthik
Cinematography: Dasaradhi Sivendra


It’s been long time since Allari Naresh scored a hit. He desperately needs a success. Comedy films specialist G Nageswar Reddy helmed the project IDNB which has been produced by popular producer BVSN Prasad. Will this movie provide much needed break for Naresh?


Naresh (Allari Naresh), an innocent guy, runs a wedding band along with his friends. He falls flat for Indumati (Krithika) who serves orphan kids. In order to help an ill child of the orphanage home, Naresh fakes himself as a conjurer and accepts a deal to kick out a devil from a big shot’s (Rajendra Prasad) newly bought villa. The big shot actually buys the house to conduct his daughter’s wedding there. But, the devil troubles everyone in the house including Naresh. The devil has a close connection in the past with Naresh, what is it? What’s the devil’s final wish? Did It Fulfill?

Analysis :


1. Few Comedy Bits

2. Heroines Glamor


1. Outdated Story

2. Torturous Screenplay

3. Songs

4. Pathetic Direction


Artists Performances:

Allari Naresh is obviously a good actor. But, he is failing to pick workable stories. Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayam is another wrong pick from him. Though Naresh played the role of a conjurer with perfection, bad writing played spoilsport. Comedy is Naresh’s strength. However, the film lacks entertainment. Naresh was admirable in climax portions when spirit enters his body.

Kruthika Jayakumar was limited for songs. The sizzling diva exceeded her limits and oozed enough of oomph. Mouryani was the real show stealer. The young Telugu actress was exceptional as devil. What’s more, she too exposed her skin in a song. Rajendra Prasad and Chalapathi Rao were good. Brahmanandam and Prabhas Srinu were wasted completely. Shakalaka Shankar and Jabardasth fame Chandra were funny at times. Other artists were okay.

Technical Aspect:

G Nageswar Reddy penned a regular and outdated story. Unlike few directors who mesmerized audiences with gripping and interesting screenplay and tasted hits, the director took zero care on screenplay too. Story is easily predictable for those who have minimum cinema knowledge. There are at least few comedy scenes in first half in the form of Shakalaka Shankar and Chandra, wherein second half was intolerable with boring episodes throughout. Even backstory was not fresh. In fact, the film has no innovation in story-telling or taking. We won’t feel thrilled or scared at least in single episode overall.

Dasaradhi Sivendra’s cinematography was pretty ordinary. Movie appeared dull because of bad lighting scheme. Editing by Kotagiri Venkateswar Rao was pathetic. His shot cutting for crucial scenes was indistinct. Sai Karthik composed songs turned additional torment. Even, background score wasn’t enchanting. Usually, music plays key role in horror films. But, Karthik botched to do his job impeccably. BVSN Prasad produced some high budget entertainer. However, he showed his parsimony in making this movie. Production values of IDNB are pretty average.


IDNB is another disappointment from Allari Naresh. Neither the film provides any laughs, nor does it scare. It’s better skipping this outdated and formulaic film.

CineDhol Perspective :

Torturous Deyyam

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