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Ill Do Only Tamil Films Aravind Swamy

Yesteryear lover boy Aravind Swamy who was seen in many dubbed films has made his first appearance in Telugu cinema with Ram Charan co-starred film Dhruva which is running successfully. Aravind Swamy’s role played key role in the film turning out to be a commercial success. Here are excerpts from an interview with Aravind Swamy:

Had a successful debut in Telugu, how was the feeling like?
My aim is to do something which I really like to do. It all worked out and I’m so happy.

Why you took such long gap after Sakhi?
I wanted to do other things, so took break. I wanted to spend time with my children. And I wanted to focus on my businesses.

What was your first reaction when Mohan Raja narrated Thani Oruvan’s story?
I was very excited. He didn’t narrate the whole story then. 

What was going through your mind, when Surender Reddy approached for the same role you played in Thani Oruvan?
For Thani Oruvan, I also worked on the script with the director. We sat together for 2-3 months and discussed scenes. When it comes to Dhruva, I didn’t again need to involve in script-writing process. What I was needed to do was just acting. May be, I’m little possessive about the character of Siddharth Abhimanyu.

What you actually didn’t want to do while playing negative role?
I always wanted to do play negative roles. I wanted to break the stereotype. It’s really liberating to play negative roles actually. I feel bored to play good person always. My aim was, even though I play a negative role, I didn’t want to do regular things like- smoking, drinking and I didn’t want to be angry. At the end of the movie, I wanted 1/3rd of the audience to feel bad for me.

Were you comfortable doing Hero or villain roles?
This hero, villain thing is actually only in India. I disagree with this. Now I am doing films that are positive and also negative.

Are you a fitness freak?
I actually had an accident in 2006. I injured my spine and it was paralyzed for almost a year. I couldn’t even walk. It took almost three years for me to recover. Once I became better, I just tried to make sure that, I’m healthy. It’s not like that; I’m trying to be fit for my films. I’m doing it for myself.

What did you do all these years, when you took break from films?
My family was very supportive. I thought of engage myself into other activities- so, I was playing lot of chess and I was doing maths problems- things which would keep my mind occupied. On the other hand, I focused on my businesses. We started a global process firm in 2000. We used to do lots of transaction processing. We used to process payroll. We used to do bank office work. I sold off the global business in 2010. But, I’m still continuing payroll processing business. About, 5000 employees are working for the firm. I’m happy for giving life for them.

The injury and the tough times you had gone through during the time was a motivating factor for you to make comeback to films?
Only reason I came back to films was, Mr Mani Ratnam wanted me to do Kadal. I didn’t think I was ready. I was not really confident about my physical fitness. I told him to give me two months-time. Since, I was confident enough to do the film, I accepted to do.

What are your future projects?
I’m doing Bogan, second part of Sathuranga Vettai. We are remaking Malayalam hit Bhaskar The Rascal in Tamil. I’m also doing another film called Vadangamudi for which I’ve written the story. I’m also planning to direct a film. I have two different stories for my debut directorial and I’ll pick one among them.

Do you feel regret of doing ‘Kadal’, which was your comeback film?
Never, I’ll work with Mani Ratnam anytime. I don’t even ask him for script. But, he narrates me every story which he wants to make with me. Even for my first film Thalapathi, he told me the entire story.

How far you involve in script-writing process?
Now, I’m quite involved. I travel with directors while script works are underway. 

Do you have plans to do straight Telugu film or a bilingual film?
My focus is to do Tamil films only for now. I’m sure some of upcoming films will get dubbed or remade. Since, I’m not very good at learning languages, it’s very difficult for me to do other language films. When, I’m doing a film in a language that I’m not so confident about, my focus will be on saying the lines correctly. That doesn’t mean that, I like or dislike any other languages.

Then, how could you manage the language, while doing Dhruva?
I managed, because I talk less in the film.

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