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I Know Ranga Story More Than Ranga

Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma is an attention-grabber makes controversial statements for free publicity for his films. The director stated Vangaveeti will be his last Telugu movie, when he announced the project few months ago. When Vngaveeti family and few others are raising objections over the film, Ram Gopal Varma straightaway stated that he won’t compromise on his vision of Vangaveeti.

RGV during Vangaveeti audio launch event held last night in Vijayawada affirmed that, it is best film till date for him. RGV has now made some interesting remarks on Vangaveeti family. He says that, he knows Vangaveeti Ranga’s story more than the late Kapu community leader.

“More than Fifty thousand people coming to Vangaveeti audio event is proof Vijaywada ppl believe I know true story more than those two people. I know Ranga Story more than Ratnakumari and Radha bcos Ratnakumari doesn't know what Ranga did outside home and Radha wasn't even born. Even Vangaveeti Ranga doesn't know his own real story more than me because I know his story through others also," says RGV.

The film made with all new actors is due for release on December 23rd. Apparently, RGV made these remarks to garner media and public attention!

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