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Fake Numbers Shivering Tollywood

In yesteryear era, they used to evaluate box office standing of a film with how many days it was successfully screened in theaters. 100 days was mark of a film’s success then.

But, things had been changed swiftly with star heroes of current generation showing interest in breaking day one or first week or full run collections by releasing their films in record number of theaters. So, we infrequently hear the term ‘100 days’, which is now replaced by 100 crores.

It’s really wonderful to see Telugu cinema stamina increased to 100 crores. But, the thing is every high-budgeted film can’t rake 100 crore. And there has been constant debate on reliability in box office collections off late.

Do you know, few films which were announced to have grossed more than 50 cr, perhaps had provided losses to producers, since the numbers might be fake ones or producers might have spent huge budget for about 50 crores.

Stars are hiking their pay for each new film and directors are no less than them. The box office numbers announced by producers might have influence of stars who force them to release fake numbers as to gratify their fans. But, what is the use for producers? Income Tax raids are additional headache for them.

Recently, when a noted producer announced his film of raking more than 50 cr share, IT officials conducted raids on him to discover that he faked the collections as only to please particular hero’s fans. It’s not just that one producer, there are many other producers announcing fake collections.

That’s why except four to five families in the industry that produced stars and ruling Tollywood business for decades, no new producer could stay here for long time!

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