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Chinnari is dubbed version of Kannada super hit film ‘Mummy- Save Me’. Kannada Superstar Upedra’s wife Priyanka Upendra played lead role in the film, wherein Yuvina Parvathy essayed child artist role. Let’s see whether this Kannada hit film gratify the Telugu spectators or not…


As mentioned by makers, Chinnari is based on a true story. A pregnant lady Priya (Priyanka Upendra) along with her mother Vatsala Mohan, sister Sneha (Aishwarya Shindogi), and daughter Kriya (Yuvina Parvathy) shifts to a villa in Goa from Hyderabad, after her husband dies in a road accident. The villa was actually Priya husband’s dream house and he always wanted to stay there.

The family starts experiencing strange things after entering the villa. Why they face such unusual things? How they come over it?


Analysis :


1. BGM

2. Cinematography

3. Artists Performance

4. Direction


1. Water Thin Story Line

2. Excess Of Horror Episodes

3. Overtly Dragged Pre-Climax Episodes


Artists Performances:

Upedra’s wife Priyanka Upendra played the role of a pregnant lady quite efficiently. She carries the film on her shoulders with ease, proficiently supported by the child artist Yuvina Parthavi, who’s just apt for the role and she did a commendable job where she kept her innocence perfectly intact throughout the movie rapt in fear. Aishwarya Shindogi was glamorous. She was mostly seen in shorts and tees. Vatsala Mohan and Sidlingu Sridhar were acceptable. Golisoda Madhusudan was good as Father Mosis. Other artists were okay.

Technical Aspect:

Inducing fear in a cinematic effort is not an easy attainment and director H Lohith seems to have succeeded to an extent. Technically brilliant, the film has several occasions of gray drizzle of horror, which is notable for flawless execution.

Lohith picked a very thin line story, but his writing and making were fabulous to some extent. Pre-interval episode is the best part in the film. Priyanka nailed it with her performance in these episodes. However, the film slows down in the second half and dragged climax tests our patience.

Biggest drawback of the film is director narrates flashback episodes very late and filled 70% of the film with horror episodes. Lohith got full support from music director B Ajaneesh Loknath and cinematographer HC Venu. Without their assistance, Lohith couldn’t have made the visually appealing project. Actually, cinematography and music are best parts of the film. In one word, it’s a technicians’ movie.


Horror and thriller movie lovers would enjoy the movie to the core, if they watch it with least expectations as the film doesn’t have a big story.

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Horrifying Chinnari

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