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Chandra Babu Naidu’s comment upsets the IAS officer

Chandra Babu Naidu upsets the IAN officer in Andhra Pradesh with his comment.  He is the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh state and has upset the IAS officer by comparing then with drunkards in the recent teleconferences day in and day out. A few days ago, Naidu was seen reviewing the total progress of digital tractions in the state where he was also seen making a harsh statement against the IAS officers, will trolls down the officer to be upset. The state recently was protecting the people from the Cyclone Vardah effects and with demonetization, the state has been looking for the entire transactions made that says that most of them are shifted to digital currency nd only a total of 20 percent out of the 200 officials raised their hands in support to Naidu.

Chandra Babu Naidu’s comment upsets the IAS officer

Raise protest with Naidu or No, two minds:

Naidu encouraging the people to switch to the digital economy and gives a statement saying,” That is the biggest challenge. Mindset. Your mindset has to change, see how liquor shops are using point of sale machines. A drunkard’s mind will not work if he does not drink in evening. That gives him the kick, so he has learned to make a cashless transaction. He learned it because of the need.” The IAS officer on reading the statement didn’t give a steady reaction but was found upset and had a heated discussion with the CM for being compared to the drunkards. Unhappy with the thought, both of them Naidu and IAS officer kept focusing on their work in spite of the dispute the entire day. Ongoing through the entire matter, there are two minds sees whether to lodges a protest with Naidu or not as the protest might send wrong signals to the people. The IAS officers feels that they need to wait for the right time and till they do not take any action on the front.

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