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All top Actresses Slept with Heroes – Kangana Ranaut

It is well known and everyone in the film circles says that several heroines do the favors to the heroes and directors to get chances in the films. Coming directly, many top heroines in the Industry sleep with the heroes and the Directors of the films to get a chance in their film and to prove their talent. It is known that some bold actresses have openly admitted that they have been asked to sleep and to do the sexual favors in return for the offers in films. Not only the heroes and Directors but also some popular producers ask for the sexual favors from the heroines to get the offer to work under their banner. This is not about all the heroes and directors in the industry, there are some people who ask for favors from the heroines.

All top Actresses Slept with Heroes – Kangana Ranaut

                Now the Bollywood most talented actress Kangana Ranaut, who is well known for her no hold statements has now stunned everyone with her statements that, she had to give sexual pleasures to many during the initial phase of her film career. She also said that all the top actresses in this generation have at least slept one time with a hero or director to play the role as the on-screen heroine. Kangana Ranaut claimed that no actress openly denied her statement, which was a proof for her ‘behind the curtain’ activities. Interestingly, no top hero or heroine dared to object her statements, knowing to which length she can drag the verbal battles.

She said that “Coming from a small village in Himachal Pradesh and having no godfather, I had to face a lot to reach this position,” and talking about her huge remuneration she said that  “Some people are raising questions over my asking of Rs 15 Cr remuneration per film. I am asking what I deserve. Those who can pay what I want will only make movies with me.”

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