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Aishwarya Reveals her Favorite Rajnikanth Joke

Rajnikanth is one of the most popular faces on the South Indian Cinema. He has starred in various movies across all major film industries and has made several great hits to his credit. He is currently making, directing and acting in the next Robo Sequel called Robo 2.0. While his Aishwarya and son in law Dhanush are also famous faces in the Tamil Film Industry, Aishwarya is more into film making.

However this slim beauty surprised netizens with her svelte pose as her pictures splashed all over the net and on social media. She recently gave an interesting exclusive interview to a popular Daily. In this exclusive interview, Aishwarya Dhanush opened up regarding her dad-daughter bond she shared with her star dad. In one of these questions she was asked on the hilarious ‘Rajnikanth Jokes’ that storm the net, she made a candid confession.

Aishwarya  Reveals Favorite Rajnikanth Joke

These hilarious ‘Rajnikanth’ jokes that do the rounds online promote the South Film Star to greater heights more so in a comical manner. When the Daily asked Aishwarya Dhanush about these ‘Rajnikanth Jokes’ she quipped about her favorite joke – Aishwarya Dhanush who also posed for the English Daily also revealed that when Rajnikanth stumbles upon any of these jokes, they make him smile as he moves on ‘in his style.’ Aishwarya’s Favorite Rajnikanth Joke is related to the latest currency situation that has moved the entire country. She said the favorite joke was, “When Rajini goes to a bank to exchange his old currency notes after demonetization, the bank shows him its ID proofs”.

Aishwarya is married to popular Tamil star face Dhanush who got nationwide popularity with his ‘Kolaveri Di’ song which created waves worldwide. She also has a sister called Soundarya who also works in the Tamil Film Industry.

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