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Why Mahesh Babu’s wife Namrata Hides Him

There is a woman behind every man’s success. Tollywood’s Superstar, Mahesh Babu beloved wife Namrata Shirodhkar is the one who has built and count to build the brand Mahesh Babu. Starting from his endorsements to his corporate deals and being a Brand Ambassador, Namrata Shirodhkar handles it all. Apart from this, she is in charge of his public image esp. on social media and also maintains his public appearances. She manages him not only in these huge business deals but pays attention to the smallest details. She is sure a caring wife.


Namrata Shirodhkar: Manager And A Caring Wife:

If all this sounds like traits of a manager and caring wife, then take a look at this. She is so conscious about his public image that she takes care to see that no unwanted photos circulate online. These photos play a big role in influencing the masses’ opinion. Hence she is very careful about the pics doing the rounds. She does not even share his pictures on her personal social networking accounts. The number of his photos can be numbered on fingers, so few are they. In these few pics too, he is either seen wearing a cap or looking downwards or looking sideways!

Srimanthudu Star:

Brand experts count this as a master strategy of Namrata Shirodhkar’s to build Brand Mahesh Babu.  As the famous Telugu Saying goes, “The value of a thing inside a ‘closed fist’ would be higher than when it’s revealed”. So the Tollywood actor is not only famous in Telugu movies but is also famous in following Telugu sayings or rather good old’ wives’ tales. But his rather young wife Namrata Shirodhkar proved these worked for her Superstar Hubby as he is now flooded with a string of brand endorsements. No wonder this superstar has a great following in the Tollywood Film Industry. They sure make an ideal couple.

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