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Soulful Songs (Yamuna Theeram)

'Yamuna Theeram’ from Anand movie, composed by K.M.Radha Krishnan, written by Veturi Sundararama Murthy, sung by K.S.Chithra and Hariharan. One of my all-time favorite Radha Krishnan compositions and Anand must be on top of every Telugu music lover’s best albums. I still remember the days when Anand music album was released. This film was released with very less expectations but ended being one of the blockbusters in 2004. In recent times, Sekhar kammula has also mentioned that 'Yamuna Theeram' song is one of his favorite songs of all his movies. There is some magic in this song where every music lover gets attracted to its mesmerizing tune.

This song starts off with a beautiful music followed by female chorus & male voice 'Yamuna Theeram' sung by Hariharan ji and the melodious voice of Chithra. I specifically like the combination of Hariharan and Chithra. If a music lover expects a lot of fun with a song with great ‘Gamakas’, the list of Chithra and Hariharan duet songs will be right up there. 'Yamuna theeram' is perfect treat for Chithra and Hariharan fans. This song is composed in ‘Hamsanadham’ Raagam which is well known for the song 'Bantu Reethi Koluvu' Tyagaraja Kriti.


I really love the way Radha Krishnan has composed this song. 'Yadalo Gaanam' song in this movie is also composed with the same tune with different lyrics where again Hariharan & Chithra pair up to sing this song. And, this song tune is also used in the movie as back ground music (BGM). I always get goosebumps when I hear this song tune as a BGM in the movie and it always elevated the movie scene as per the situation. Due to this one song, I really admired and followed all Radha Krishnan music albums later. To create this amazing piece, he has used the classical style of instruments like Key board, tabla, flute, classical guitar and other instruments to bring this melodious impact in the song. His impressive work is shown in BGM before second stanza where Radha Krishnan used instruments like Ektara (Indian village style Violin), Dhandia Sticks and Dhol to bring the village impact portrayed in the film.

Radha Krishnan in one of his early interviews mentioned that 'Yamuna Theeram' was his first tune given to Anand movie where Sekhar kammula was very impressed with the tune and immediately offered a cheque for this movie. The legendary writer Veturi Sundararama Murthy is Sekhar Kammula and Radha Krishnan's favorite lyric writer and as always, Veturi garu has put his heart and soul in writing the songs of Anand. This trio also continued their journey in Godavari movie as well. Veturi is the only person who can write a romantic song with lyrics like 'Yamuna Theeram Sandhya Raagam'. To Veturi garu’s credit, he provided distinct lyrics to the other version of the same tune ‘Yadalo Gaanam' song which was written on the situation of Heroine's marriage. As per Yamuna Theeram song, I really like the below few line to listen in particular –

sisiramlo chali mantai ragilede premaa
chigurinche rtuvalle viraboose premaa
maruvakumaa aanandamaanandamaandamaayeti madhura kathaa
yamunaa teeram sandhyaa raagam

I always fall in love with Chithra's voice especially when she utters the words ‘Premaa' or 'Priyaa' in her way of singing. This is a very unique case where we have the word 'Premaa' in 'Yamuna Theeram' and 'Priyaa' in 'Yadalo Gaanam' songs. This is incredible!

The tag line of Anand movie is ‘Oka Manchi Coffee Lanti Cinema’. If I were to give a tag line for this song, it would be ‘Yamuna Theeram – A heartouching song, oka manchi manasu lanti paata’. There is nothing better than listening to lovely melodies like this, sipping your early morning fresh filter coffee looking at sunrise.





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