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Soulful Songs (Telusa Manasa)

‘Telusa Manasa’ from Criminal movie, composed by M.M.Keeravani, written by Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry, sung by S.P.Balasubrahmanyam, K.S.Chithra and Akkineni Nagarjuna. I feel like this is a composition which is one of the most romantic songs of the decade. Criminal was dubbed in Hindi and 'Tum Mile' which is Telusa Manasa’s hindi version was one of the chartbusters when released. Till today, Keeravani is well recognized in Bollywood as Tum Mile song music director.

Telusa Manasa song starts off with a beautiful humming sung by K.S.Chithra. This particular humming was inspired from the song 'Enigma – Age of Loneliness' and that English song has six continuous minutes of melodious music followed by this humming. Keeravani sir was inspired with that humming and tuned the rest of the song with 100% musical love into the composition. Till date, singing this humming is considered as one of the toughest jobs for every female singer and needless to say, Chithra's singing in this song is flawless.

After the humming, starts the song Telusa Manasa sung by S.P.Balasubrahmanyam. No other singer can start better than S.P.Balu garu and the feel/emotion he has conveyed throughout the song is awesome. This song was composed in Abheri raagam. As a signature of Keeravani sir, this song is composed with basic Flute, Casio/Synthesizer, Electric Guitar and Pads/Electric Drums. This song instruments and humming is also used in the movie as back ground music (BGM) which elevated the key scenes in the movie very well.

If you are in love with Pallavi of the song, the stanzas (charanams) will make you love further. The first stanza that S.P.Balu has sung, especially 'Prathi kshanam naa kallalo niliche ni roopam, Brathukuloo adugaduguna nadipe ni sneham' has a very good depth to it. The other highlight of this song is Nagarjuna's rap before the stanza. When I remind the second half of the song, the pleasant sounding of Chithra's humming followed by Nagarjuna's rap in rhythm and the continuation of the stanza is marvelous. Nagarjuna's rap in this song is also inspired from the English song 'Enigma – Age of Loneliness'. Taking that English song's rhythm and translating into Indian style music is impressive and we should greatly appreciate Keeravani for fusing the rhythm into a beautiful Indian melody.

Legendary lyricist Seetharama sastry definitely needs special attention who excelled in this song and has taken this tune to the next level. I always love the second stanza lyrics. Especially the lines 'Lokame marinaa kalamee aagina, Mana ee gaadha migalali thudhileni charithaga' and followed by Telusa Manasa sung by Chithra simply blows your mind away. The humming of this sing is so haunting that the entire song revolves around this melodious humming.

As long as there is love and as long as there is emotion, this song will continue to live in the hearts of every person that wants to love and be loved. Hats off to the musicians involved in this song who came up with such soul stirring composition.




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