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Siddharth slams Ranveer Singh

Hero Siddharth is not someone who would mince his words. He always makes it a point to stand up for something that he believes in and does raise tough questions on issues which are not right. The actor expressed his disgust at the recently launched campaign of a clothing brand, an international menswear brand, in which its new brand ambassador Ranveer Singh is seen carrying a woman on his back with the image captioned as, “Don’t hold back. Take your work home.” The campaign is titled ‘Don’t hold back’. Siddharth tweeted the picture of the hoarding and wrote, “A new low for women’s rights in the workplace in India. What were they thinking? #Fail”. In the past, Siddharth grabbed everyone’sattention when he stood against glorification of stalking women in films.“We've been selling a terrible dream in our films for long. That any man can get the woman he wants just by wanting herenough. Must change," he had said. “When a woman stalks a man in our films she's a vamp. When a man does it he is a hero. It's a complicated discussion. But it needs to be had,” he concluded.

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