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Samantha and Chaitu Living Together

It Is well known to everyone that Samantha and Naga Chaitanya are going to plan for their wedding, this pair shared an electrifying and romantic chemistry on silver screen and it was  evident in films like “Manam” and the blockbuster and debut of Samantha “Yem Maaya Chesave”. People are having a lot of doubts about the love of this young couple and they are yet to be cleared.

Samantha has divulged few interesting questions to give clarity to their rumor affairs and about their Love story, it can be recalled that Samantha was rumored that she was in a serious relationship with actor Siddarth. In the recent interview Samantha said about all these issues, although she didn’t mention the names, she said and confessed that she had been in relationships before the affair with Chaitu , who also had some romantic flings according to Samatha.

Samantha and Chaitu Living Together

“I know everything about his past relationships and he knows about mine, there is really nothing that we don’t know about each other,” – said Samantha in a recent Interview about their relationship and their understanding between them.

Chaitu always had an image of a good and decent boy even Samantha had a glore of rumours on her, but Samantha said that he is also an romantic and naughty but was a cautious boy. Now the people are wondering about Chaitu that how he managed to keep his affairs secret from the presence of media,  it is still to know that the girl is an actress or an outsider.

Revealed everything !!

It is now knowing that these two are so broad-minded to talk about their affairs after falling in love but it is not because Samantha said herself that they revealed everything to each other when they were just good friends. She says “Actually, we didn’t assume we were going to be together so, at different points of our lives, we revealed many details that we now feel embarrassed of. Now, we console each other saying they never happened,” she chuckled.

Speaking about the impact of Chaitu on her life she said that “My insecurities could be my biggest strengths and weaknesses. I work very hard to balance both my personal and professional lives. Chaitu has always been the stabilizing factor in my life. He picked me up when I might be falling. He has been there during moments of my professional and personal downfalls.” This way she conveyed her love on the decent boy Chaitu.

To Stay with Chaitu

Samantha and Chaitu are living together on and off from few months, she used to stay in her guest house or at Park Hyatt and some times in Chaitu’s apartment, but now she completely shifted her baggage to Naga Chaitanya’s residence. After turning a star Chaitu bought a Luxurious apartment and started to stay there and now it is said that Samantha is moving there and started living together.

Even though both their parents agreed their Love, Chaitu wants to get married next year and the sources say that they are getting married in August 2017 and they are planning to get married in both the traditions, firstly they are going to get married in Hindu tradition and after in Church.

Samatha is said to planning the rework on the Interior of Chaitanya’s home before their wedding starts, on the other side it is said that Chaitu is planning to buy a Luxurious Villa as well.

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