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Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo

How ever successful the director is ,if they don’t  pay proper attention to the story then the film will fall flat on face.A film is not a compilation of scenes and songs it should have a flow. If one cant understand that then films are going to flop even if its film coming from an acclaimed technician like Goutam Menon. Even for a director known to capture love stories and action stories with a rare touch ,its a fact that things wont work good if care is not taken in story line.Now lets see how his film Saasham swaasagaa fares now.

Story :

Leela Satyamurthy (Manjimaa Mohan) is an aspiring writer who wants to get her foot hold in film industry. In that thought  she comes to Vizag and meets Rajani kanth(Naga chaitanya) And both fall in love. She sets on a road trip with Rajani who is a travel buff. While on the trip some one attacks them Leela, and same time her family is also attacked back home. Is this a co incidence ? or planned attack? Will Rajani be able to bail her out ? forms the crux of the story.

Analysis :

Unlike his other films, “Saahasam swaasagaa..” starts slowly and dosent take off at all. Using off all the songs in first half in bits and pieces is a big set back to the film. complete first half is dedicated to the love track and most of the scenes remind you of one or the other of his earlier films. The interval bang shows some signs of excitement which doesn’t carry on later. The connect between first half and second half is lost some where which gives a feel that we are seeing 2 films on both sides.

Acting : Chaitu rides on his Premam fame in romantic parts of the story but fails when it comes to action sequences. Manjimaa is ok ok in acting. Baba Sehgal as a Villian is a fresh thought.

Technical : Gautam failed as a director to live up to his mark. Using off all songs in 1st half is a bit let down. Edit should have been much better

CineDhol Perspective :

Finally one should have Saahasam ( bravery ) to see this film

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