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Remo, a blockbuster hit in Tamil has been released in the Telugu version today. Lets see if this movie adds to a huge list of tamil dubbed hit films in Telugu or goes the other way. Starring Sivakarthikeyan, Keerthy Suresh, the movie has been directed by Bakkiyaraj Kannan. Popular young music director Anirudh Ravichander scored some the music for the film.


SK(Shiva Kartikeyan) an aspiring actor manages to get a role in acclaimed director K.S.Ravikumar's movie. But, the twist here is that its of a female nurse's role. He changes his get up for the role. He becomes friends with Doctor Kavya (Keerthi). Kavya not knowing the truth behind SK's get up makes friendship with him and also even manages to get a job of a nurse in her hospital. Just before all of this happened, SK falls in love with Kavya, but doesnt confess it to her. But he manages to come close to her in the guise of Remo. The story then revolves around how her brings out his feelings for Kavya and if she approves his love for her.

Shiva Kartikeyan a popular tamil actor makes his foray into telugu films with his movie. He is quite impressive with his acting skills especially the scenes in the lady attire make for a good watch. Keerthi Suresh is one of the highlights of the film. The telugu audience will surely enjoy watching her onscreen. Both her chemistry with the hero and also the way her character is shown on screen is a plus point of the movie.

Technical Aspect:
The director elevates the regular plot into an interesting and engaging film. The second half of the movie could have been a little better. At times it gives a feeling of a never ending movie as it keeps dragging till the end. The cinematography by legendary cameraman PC Sreeram is extraordinary. The music by Anirudh is quiet good.


This is a film with routine plot with not many twists in the story either. But the whole difference lies in the way the director conceives the movie on screen. Which is quite commendable. The struggle the hero goes through to win the heroine's heart is quite engaging and funny in places. The tamil nativity feel is something which is striving in the film and the telugu audience might not be able to connect too much to it. Though the film was a superhit in Tamil. It just seems to be an ok film in Telugu.

Rating: 2/5


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