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Producer Says Story Behind the Leak of Baahubali Video

Baahubali the present prestigious project of the Indian cinema. The saga of the first part Baahubali: The Beginning had made a sensational trip even before it hit the theatres with its outstanding scenes and then the movies hit the theatres, the director S.S. Rajamouli showed and raised the pride if Telugu cinema and also the pride of Indian cinema with this Baahubali which will come in two parts in which the first part The Beginning is released and the second part The conclusion is yet to be released. People are eagerly waiting for the second part and they are sure that they can see their hero in each and every shade that they want and what they never saw before. This Baahubali was set to a budget of 120 crores and that is 1.2 billion , the first half of this movie had released worldwide on July 10th 2015 and it made a huge noise in the whole Industry and it was set to be a mark to the whole Cinema Industry. The Baahubali first part is the movie to gross over 650 crores worldwide and it is the first Hindi Dubbed movie to collect 100 crores gross and it is the highest collected South Indian cinema and the highest grossing Indian film. This movie was released worldwide hand had a huge appreciation.

Producer Says Story Behind the Leak of Baahubali Video

Baahubali 2 Video Footage leaked

 As we already know that the first part of Baahubali had faced the same issue in the leakage of Video Footage, this again happened for the second part that is yet to release Baahibali: The Conclusion and this video footage are spreading virally on Twitter and Facebook and the film unit and Director S S Rajamouli said that they will take a serious action about this and they will set the video down and they said that they will file a complaint in the Cyber Crime department against this leakage of video footage.

Behind the Leakage

The producer of the Baahubali “Shobu Yarlagadda” said that the culprit behind this video leakage is caused by an Editor who is currently working on the project and he was promptly detected by the Investigation Team and he aid that he is Thankful to them and here is what he said on the issue “It is very unfortunate that a small unfinished video clip of @Baahubali Movie was leaked online yesterday. The person responsible for the leak was identified with the help of security features in place and was arrested late last night by Police and handed over to cyber crime.  Sincere thanks to our fans who have alerted us very early and the local police and cyber crime division for their prompt response.  We have many security features to deter precisely these kind of situations. However, filmmaking is a collaborative effort involving 100s of people across multiple locations and we need to work on trust.  Sometimes, in very rare cases, this trust is not maintained leading to this unpardonable and unfortunate situation!”

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