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Pawan Kalyan About GOD at Koti Deepotsavam

Pawan kalyan the tollywood top hero and the founder of Janasena party has now revealed the Spiritual touch in him, though we all know about him as a great actor and good leader now the people can know about his Spiritual side.

We will now know the Power Star PawanKalyan’s strong Spiritual side and we will agree that it is a fact ,as we can see Last night Power star Pawan Kalyan took a major part in the “Koti Deepotsavam” that went in a Grand way and this event is been organized by a Popular Telugu News channel and they offered so many special Prayers

Pawan Kalyan About GOD at Koti Deepotsavam

                   Talking about this Occasion, PawanKalyan revealed some interesting things about GOD and his Spirituality. Pawan Kalyan also said that he has been quite afraid of the GOD since his Childhood and he says that the GOD is the main reason for him that he didn’t made any mistakes that can be shown as Grave mistakes in his life.

PawanKalyan also revealed some interesting facts about him saying that he did not dare to commit any mistakes as he is too scared that GOD will punish him in any aspect if he commits any mistakes .Explaining the idea of GOD, PawanKalyan said that GOD is the power of protect “Dharma” and that he also said that god is the one who gives what we need and what we ask for.

By this grand event Koti Deepotsavam that was held in Hyderabad last night people and the Power star PawanKalyan fans came to know about the spiritual side of this Leader and he also says that he is so afraid that he don’t commits mistakes as god will punish him for his mistakes, this shows the nature of PawanKalyan.

By Concluding PawanKalyan says that he prays to GOD to give him long health and wealth with abundant happiness to all the beings on this earth. As we can see, PawanKalyan’s  talking about the GOD and Spirituality it comes as a breath of fresh air after his deep Poltical speeches after the starting of his Janasena Party.

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