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Old Couple Claims Actor Dhanush Is Their Son

Dhanush the star hero of Kollywood is now facing an issue that is very suspicious about the real parents of Dhanush. In October an elderly couple whose names are “Kathiresan” and “Meenal” who came from Melur near Madurai in Tamil Nadu claimed that Tamil star “Dhanush” is their kid and they also said that they named him as “Kalaiselvan” who went away from the home in his childhood and never came back. They also said that now they came to know about him that he is his son by watching his movies and they filed a case about this issue.

Old Couple Files Case about Dhanush

On November 7th, the couple filed a petition about this case at a local court in Melur claiming that they are the Dhanush’s real parents and they said that they  recognized Dhanush only after seeing him in movies and even they submitted the childhood photographs of the Tollywood Star hero Dhanush and Birth certificate allegedly of Dhanush when he was in studying in 10th class as per they said.

This couple had failed to meet Tollywood star hero Dhanush at his Chennai in his residence and it is also said that they also approached to the police of Chennai about this issue and the Chief Minister’s special cell talking about the issue of getting their son back by providing some proofs and photos that we don’t know whether the law will consider or not.. The couple said that they are in troubles and they are seeking Rs 65,000 from Dhanush because of the monthly maintenance of the couple as per the news.

Yesterday this issue was taken to court,  the judicial magistrate summoned Star hero Dhanush to appear before the ‘Melur’ court on or before January 12th for a hearing in the old couple’s paternity case which is filed against Dhanush and Dhanush is yet to respond to the entire controversy and talk about this issue. Let’s wait and see how the Super Star responds about this issue.

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