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Jayammu Nischayammu Raa Review

Popular comedian and character artist Srinivas Reddy's new film Jayammu Nischayammu Raa has hit the screen today. Directed by Shiva Raj Kanumuri, this movie has been promoted quite aggressively on various platforms. Movie also co stars Poorna. Lets see how the movie fares at the theatres.

Mangalam Sarvesh Kumar is a well educated man from Karimnagar., who is obsessed with astrology. His aim is to get a government job for himself. He even changes his name on the suggestion of a Baba hoping to acheive his aim. And finally gets a government job in Kakinada. Though he gets this dream job, the fact that he has to leave the people and place which are close to his heart worries him. He goes to Kakinada with an intension of getting a transfer and moving back to his hometown. He falls in love with Rani(Poorna) but before he could confess his love to her, she starts getting close to another man. How does he get back his love? How does he get rid of the superstitions he is obsessed with forms the story.

Srinivas Reddy is the mainstay of the film. He gave an extraordinary performance. You will not see the same old actor. The variations in his character have been brought onto the screen brilliantly by him. You will not see him acting like a hero bashing up goons and running around the trees to dance with the heroine. But he lives upto the character sans any over emotions. Poorna does well in the role that she was given and all the other character artists have done a good job too.

Technical Aspect:
The storyline of the film is gripping and keeps you glued to the screen. The director has done a good job. Though the first half could have been a little more intresting, the second half of the film makes up for it. The music by V. Ravichandran sounds good to your ears. The cinematography is good. The dialogues do tickle your funny bones, but could have been much better. 

Though the first half of the film might seem to be a bit boring and slow, the second half of the film is quiet gripping and you will surely enjoy the ride through it. Srinivas owns this film and will surely impress you with his amazing performance. Bear through the first half and you will have a nice time watching this movie.

Rating: 2.25

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