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Gautham Menon Agrees ‘SSS’ Got Very Poor Climax

Gautham Menon’s latest directorial ‘Saahasam Swasaga Saagipo’ has finally hit the theaters after much anticipation.  The makers have dared and released the movie in a time where public were suffering a great deal because of the demonetization of big notes.  There is a great impact on the collections of the movie already.

Other than Hyderabad, the movie is not making any great collections.  Due to the ban no big notes none of the movie makers are getting ready to release their movies at present, which turned as a blessing in disguise for ‘SSS’.

As there are no movies in line for release, SSC can run in the theatres for a longtime than expected.  With that said, the movie can make some decent collections in the end.

Gautham Menon Agrees ‘SSS’ Got Very Poor Climax

Gautham Menon goes with total commercial climax

On the other hand, when it comes to the story of the movie, Gautham Menon who is said to be the most creative director of the era has made the movie into a total commercial one.  He has gone with most commercial climax for the flick, which is being criticized by his fans a lot.

The climax is quite unexpected from the Yem Maya Chesave Director.  Even the director himself agreed that the climax did not come out well.  In a recent interview, he said that he thought the climax would be new, but it did not come out well.

He said that he did write the climax differently, but due to some reasons he failed to direct it that way.  He went on and said that it is the only minus point for the flick and everything about the flick has been received by the audience so well.  He said that he was happy with the response that the movie has received.

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