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FAKE YouTube Views for Trailers

Tollywood is encouraging a dangerous trend in recent days. This is a concept of the fake YouTube views for the trailers and the teasers of the movies. This concept of the ‘Paid Views’ for the movie trailers is the latest buzz in the industry, from a star hero to a small hero everyone is following this new trend to increase the hits for their trailers. For the small movies and the less craze movies are seen with a huge number of views of their trailers in a very less span of time on the YouTube. The film makers are doing this to increase the hype of the film with these fake views. We can see the fans wars for their favorite hero to get the most views in YouTube, so they are using this trend as a weapon to target their anti-hero fans.

FAKE YouTube Views for Trailers

Views for Videos

The shocking thing is the young heroes are also following this cheap trend to show their trailer a good number of hits in the Market. There are few marketing companies operating out of Hyderabad who are mastered in doing this act by increasing the views of YouTube videos, These teams have the tie up’s with various large data base, the thing is that as soon as a trailer is released the views for the trailer will come from Nigeria, Brazil, Vietnam, China and many countries because of the Telugu country have the less population they will get done from another countries.

In the recent times an unimaginable number of views for a recent trailer had become a hot topic in the Industry circles and the trailer of a star hero has witnessed a record of the YouTube views in a short span of time and of course that film is a Hit in the Industry but it is still a suspense of how they get huge number of views in a short span of time.

This is now worrying some big stars as it will make the people to lose the credibility on the YouTube views and even the genuine hits of the Trailers would be wrongly taken as the fraud views.

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