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Arijith Singh to say goodbye to singing

The sensational singer of recent times Arijith Singh sent shock waves in the industry by saying that he might no longer be around in the signing arena. He said "I don't think I have a long way to go. This might be my last year," said the 29-year-old, adding, "Normally, fresh voices replace (current favourites) every five to seven years in Bollywood."

Before adding any further to the quitting singing part, the singer had a solution to the issue. "I might be able to change that," he says, adding, "If I work really hard on specific genres, I might be able to stay longer. That way, I can emerge as the only singer who can croon songs of those genres. Maybe that's how I will survive".

Adding how he generally spends his free time he said, "I enjoy a quiet life, without much interruption. Over the past three years, I have seen my fan base grow, and I think it's essential for them to know that I've always been someone who refrains from interactions because I enjoy a silent life. With the growth of social media, this, too, becomes difficult," Singh added.

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