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2 actors dead in Film Stunt

Two Kannada actors are believed to have drowned while shooting a dramatic chase sequence on Monday for which they jumped from a helicopter into a dam around 35 km from Bengaluru. Kannada actor Duniya Vijay along with his co-actors Raghav Uday and Anil jumped from a height of 80 feet. "We have never jumped from such a height before. This is the first time we are doing so. We are nervous. I know just a bit of swimming, like we do in villages where we jump into wells," said Anil, minutes before the tragedy. "We are allowed to jump thrice. We will try our best, but if anything goes wrong, it is in God's hands," Anil had said to a local channel minutes before the jump of death. The other actor Uday had said, "I can barely manage to save myself with the little training I have. We have people around us. We three will look at each other and jump. If anything happens it's God's will."

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