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Vangaveeti Trailer Review

Published: Sun 02nd Oct 2016 05:47 PM

Ram Gopal Varma Vangaveeti Trailer Review

Ram Gopal Varma Vangaveeti Trailer Just Out
Ram Gopal Varma Vangaveeti Trailer Just Out

What more can we await from Ram Gopal Varma movies except inhuman slayings and provocation of violence filled with gore. ‘Vangaveeti’ trailer released couple of minutes back is the same. In the name of touching a controversial caste based subject dated to couple of decades back in Vijayawada history, Varma once again showed his affection for bloodbath.

After watching ‘Raktha Charitra 1 and 2’ or the recent ‘Rowdy’ with Mohan Babu, more we expect from Varma to traverse on new lines; the less we enjoy his movies. ‘Vangaveeti’ trailer neither hints on extreme situations prevailed during Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga, Radha times nor manifests the striking rivalry between two castes. Of course, Devineni family members are also inaugurated in this same trailer.

Camera work from Rahul, Dileep and Surya is a regular business in every Varma movie. Music, lyrics are also the same from respective departments. All in all, ‘Vangaveeti’ trailer hasn’t got into the actual conflict which finally keeps it away from controversies. Remaining everything, there’s nothing more than ‘Champeddam.’ The trailer hasn’t matched the hype and hoopla created in last four days.



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