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Vangaveeti fans furious with Naina Ganguly!

This hot and sizzling Bengali gal Naina Ganguly’s debut in Tollywood with Vangaveeti directed by Ram Gopal Varma has based on the political rise in Vijayawada decades ago. This Bengali actress Naina Ganguly is seen as the title role Vangaveeti Ratnakumari in the movie.

Naina Ganguly’s Hot Photoshoot

Social media and the net are flooded with the latest and hottest photo shoot of the Bengali lass Naina Ganguly. This hot and sizzling siren did a bold photo shoot setting the temperature high. However the fans of Vangaveeti did not seem to take it well as the release of the hot pics from the photo shoot have got the followers and fans fuming as they hold great respect for Vangaveeti  Ratnakumari for the title that she is playing and so, to see the actress in skimpy clothing revealing lot of skin show seems to hurt their sentiments. These pictures depict Naina Ganguly in undergarments with many posting these steamy pics from her photoshoot on Twitter and Facebook quoting them as ‘Vangaveeti Ratnakumari’! and this has gone viral in social networking platforms bringing fury to the fans of the movie Vangaveeti who believe the actress Naina should be decent as long as the release of the film.


“Vangaveeti”  Publicity

It is said currently that this was director Ram Gopal Verma’s strategy for the movie to get free publicity from the steamy and hot pics from the photo-shoot of his leading lady Nanina Ganguly. Ram Gopal Verma is one such movie maker who does just about anything and goes to any lengths to endorse his movies. The photoshoot release just before the movie release looks like the filmmaker’s strategy to gain publicity and create interest among the crowds for this project.

Director Ram Gopal Verma is in no mood to listen. It is his film in the limelight anyways!

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