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Tough Grind Behind Balayya Look!

Published: Mon 10th Oct 2016 09:13 AM

Director Krish and Balakrishna Behind GPS First Look

Historical Exploration Behind GPS First Look
Historical Exploration Behind GPS First Look

Nandamuri Balakrishna is a vivid learner and ideal implementer. His dedication towards performing wide range of characters besides growth in profession as an actor says it all. Currently, Balayya is doing milestone 100th movie ‘Gauthami Puthra Satakarni’ and his first look released couple of days back struck a chord with common audience.

In fact, Satavahana dynasty belonged to 2nd Century BC with no historical evidences existing on their physical appearances. Director Krish locked this present look of Balakrishna after thoroughly exploring the probable economy and range of fabrics used in those time periods. 

‘We do not have any evidences or clues to come at a conclusion on Satakarni’s look. It was months of hard work paying off. May it be fabric or throne or accessories or jewellery, we studies at the minutest level to present authentic. Balakrishna garu also got strained to build a physically fit body. He used to work two hours every day early in the morning from 3:30 AM to 6AM before joining the sets,’ Krish explained the tough grind went behind GPS first look.


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