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There is a wall between Rishi and Ranbir


In a recent interview, actor Rishi Kapoor revealed how the relationship between him and his son Ranbir Kapoor is. “There’s a wall between us. There’s a glass between us. We can see each other but not feel anything. I had a fear of my father. I was in awe of him. I had great respect for him. It took him a long time to say have a drink in front of me. I used to call him sahab. Now that we don’t live under one roof, there’s more communication. He talks to his mother more than me. But I don’t think Ranbir will be a father like me." Ranbir’s mother further revealed that Ranbir never looks into his father’s eyes while talking. Neetu said, “I was away for a few days and Ranbir was home. I kept calling him to ask how’re you doing. He said I’m fine, I’m having dinner with papa and all that. So when I got back, I was like how was it? He said we had a few quiet moments. I have to be there in the house for a conversation to happen between them.”

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