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Then Directors, Now Heroes Not Praised Them!

Published: Fri 14th Oct 2016 10:06 PM

Why They Were Not Praised by Heroes and Directors?

Heroes and Directors Not Praising Undeserved?
Heroes and Directors Not Praising Undeserved?

Long back, when Tollywood’s legendary personalities like Megastar Chiranjeevi won the honour of Padma Bhushan, entire film fraternity treated it as their personal achievement and felicitated the award winners as a token of respect and honour towards them.

However, when some directors too won some civilian awards presented by the Govt. of India, neither filmmakers nor any other technicians came forward to appreciate the recipients of awards. Recently, some of the Heroes got ‘statutory’ achievements. Nevertheless, no hero has praised the feat of those stars. 

But then, why other filmmakers and Heroes were reluctant praising the winners of awards? “Heroes and filmmakers might have suspected financial issues such as buying and selling etc. might have been involved for them achieving those strange feats,” analysed by some observers. Consolidating the ongoing trends, it is understood that the deserved gets appreciation while the undeserved are ignored by the most other people.


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