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Surender Reddy Powdered In Between!

Published: Thu 13th Oct 2016 07:44 PM

Dhruva Director In Between Hero Ramcharan and Producer Allu Aravind

Surender Reddy Suffered In Between Hero and Producer
Surender Reddy Suffered In Between Hero and Producer

Are family clashes between Chiranjeevi and Allu Aravind coteries reaching zenith? How Allu Aravind and Allu Arjun started losing control over ‘Dhruva’ production? Why Ramcharan decided to change ‘Dhruva’ PROs? Is the rising stardom of Allu Arjun working as a slow poison paralyzing Charan’s craze? Has Chiranjeevi reacted to chaos invading the market dangerously? So many questions and answer lies only in the final result of ‘Dhruva.’

Many internal tensions having surrounded ‘Dhruva’ production works, a buzz in film circles says that director Surender Reddy is continuously feeling the heat from last few months powdered in between his producer Allu Aravind and hero Ramcharan. At certain point of time, Aravind almost left his command on schedules as Charan took the authoritative.

May it be the replacement of Assistant Director or substituting the official Geetha Arts PRO team with an outsider, everywhere Charan is trying to show off ‘Dhruva’ as a product of his own taste. In one line, the good nature and accessibility between hero and producer existed during ‘Magadheera’ times is said to be missing in ‘Dhruva.’ Resultantly, Surender Reddy is the main person got powdered.


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