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Soulful Songs (Ee Shwasalo Cherithe)


‘Ee Shwasalo’ from Nenunnanu movie, composed by M.M.Keeravani, written by Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry, sung by K.S.Chithra. This song is considered as one of the toughest compositions of M.M.Keeravani. It is completely set in a fast pace, high pitch and very effectively composed in Mohana raaga. Mohana raaga is considered as Lord Sri Krishna's favorite raaga. In general, most of the film songs composed in Mohana raaga have Sri Krishna avatar related references (like Venu Madhava, Mohana, Krishna, Gopika) or have an influence of flute instrument as a tribute to Lord Krishna. 

The starting of the song which is the humming ‘Venu Madhava’ begins in Gandharam (Ga) note and in pitch D sharp (D#). The first line of the song 'Ee swasalo' followed by two stanzas and even the swaras towards the end of the song ['Ga ga ri ga ri'] also start from the note Gandharam (Ga). The way the great Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry has written the song 'Ee shwasalo cherithe gaali gandharvam avtunado' is supreme. Since the complete song has a sweet influence of Gandharam (Ga) note, the legendary lyricist Sirivennela has recognized the value of this note and started the song with a line that means 'Engrossed in whose breath, air transforms into the tune of Gandharvam'. 

K.S.Chithra's soulful singing makes this song an ultimate divine treat. This fast paced song is composed in a high pitch making it really challenging for any singer to sing the Gamakas and Swaras. But, Chithra sings it perfectly with ease. Her Telugu diction even at a very high pitch is extremely clear. Chithra’s expression throughout the song is awesome. That is Chithra for you, no wonder she is a 6-time National Award winner (most by any female playback singer). This song is such a treat to all her fans and music lovers. 

Great songs always are tuned in perfect sync to the movie story and the situation of the song. In this case, heroine is singing in a national level competition finals and hero is stuck fighting goons. Keeravani sir has implemented and executed the tune in a perfect way. To show case the situation, Keeravani sir has composed the song in tough classical style and also created the back ground music (BGM) to be in sync with the fight situation. To elaborate, second BGM and start of the second stanza followed by Swaras is a perfect example. Seetharama Sastry has taken this song to next level with his lyrics, small snippet in the second stanza 'allana nee aDugula saDi vinabaDaka hRdayaaniki alajaDito aNuvaNuvu taDabaDadaa' and Chithra expressions for these lines are marvelous. After the second stanza 'Venu madhava ne sanidhi', heroine sees the hero and it is to be noted that Keeravani sir shows that with 4 bars of happy flute bit followed by Chithra singing swaras. I still don't understand how a person can sing swaras with expressions that too in a happy mood (‘Ananda Bashpalu’). Chithra garu comfortably sings the swaras with wonderful expression and with tremendous breath control. Finally this song fittingly ends with the line 'raadhikaa hRdaya raagaanjali nee paadamula vraalu kusumaanjali ee geetaanjali' (heroine recognizing hero for his encouragement). In this era where proper situational songs are few and far between, Ee Shwasalo is in fact like a breath of fresh air which is perfect for the situation. 

This song is considered as perfect treat for all Telugu music lovers and even more for the fans of M.M.Keeravani, Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry and undoubtedly, K.S.Chithra. If you have not listened this song, please listen the song and enjoy the every bit of this song. 

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