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Rules for Royalty of Actors!

Fans of every actor wish their favourite actors should be royal at attitude and their characters in movies. But then, Royalty doesn’t come that easier. Some rules and regulations need to be followed by the actors to attain Royalty. Following are the qualifications, do’s and don’ts of Royalty.

QUALIFICATIONS: Some people are of the wrong notion that Royalty comes by birth and with family background. In fact, not only the actors with family background but also everyone has a capacity to be the royal in the world.


* The person needs to be kind at heart and should be a philanthropist. 

* He should be genuine with his gestures.

* He should be democratic and should respect the feelings of all religions and castes.

* He should also respect the feelings of his friends and people with patience. If he finds fault with others with their attitude, he should keep them away.


* He should not be arrogant.

* He should not throw cheap comments on women, children and his fellow beings in front of public. Moreover, he should not consists of foul mouth.

* He should not feel as if he were the head of the caste or religion.

* He should not intentionally comment others directly on their feelings and on their physique.

* He should not throw cheap comments on religions and castes in movies and in real life.

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