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Review Mana Oori Ramayanam

A two hours movie can be taken with the help of an interesting story line which has been written using minute points. Searching for a story is not difficult but finding out the minute details is difficult. Creative mind is necessary in order to direct such stories and Malayalam directors are specialized in that category.

Come let us know the review for the movie “Mana Oori Ramayanam” which is the remake of the Malayalam block buster “Shutter” and which has been directed by Prakash Raj who belongs to the above mentioned class.

Cast and Crew:

Prakash Raj played the lead role and produced as well as directed the movie in Telugu. Actress Priyamani has been casted against Prakash Raj as the female lead and actors Raghu Babu and Prudvi Raj played the key roles in the film for which music has been composed by Ilayaraja.


Bhujangam (Prakash Raj) is one of the most respected persons in the village. To him prestige is more valuable than his life. He makes sure that his family also behaves in a respectful way. One day he drinks a lot and comes onto the road. He falls for a prostitute (Priyamani) and takes her to an empty shutter which is located in front of his house. Shiva (Satya), Bujangam’s helper locks both of them inside the shutter and says that he would return in an hour. To know if Bujangam gets caught or not and to know the remaining part of the story one should watch the film.

Talent of the cast:

After watching the film it could be said that Prakash Raj did over acting at the beginning of the film. But after some time he got involved in his character. Even though Priyamani worked after a long time in a Telugu film she played her role very well. It is not easy to essay the role of a prostitute but the actress proved her talent with her performance. Satya is not much experienced and his acting was average. Pridhvi got a different role and his acting entertained the audience a lot.


The film has only one title song which was played while displaying the end card. Ilayaraja’s background music was beautiful as always and it could also be said that the art directors as well as cameramen worked hard for the film. Conversations were not that great but were average. It could be said that the movie would entertain the audience who yearn for a different story.

Rating: 2.5

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