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Ram Analyzes His Hyper Mistake!

Published: Tue 04th Oct 2016 10:34 AM

Hyper, A Dud In Overseas Market

Hyper Clear Failure in US Market
Hyper Clear Failure in US Market

There is enough of false mass hysteria which Energetic Star Ram assumes around himself. This is not only stopping him to rise in bar but in fact pulling him down by many steps. The clear cut difference of what people expect from Ram is evidently seen in ‘Nenu Shailaja’ Vs ‘Hyper.’ 

Yes, while Ram was seen more controlled in energy and soft guy-next-door as a romantic lover in ‘Nenu Shailaja’ much apt to his chocolate face, the last release ‘Hyper’ was full of unnecessary and uncontrolled heroism.      

Whichever the movie succeeds in minting money and churning Box Office is called a success formula in film industry. In those terms, what Ram likes and dislikes isn’t a question of significance because what audience loved the most is important. Overseas revenues of ‘Hyper’ reported to be far below than the expected trade benchmarks makes Ram a dud in the US market.

Instead of building a safe and secure stardom with standard market base in US as created with ‘Nenu Shailaja,’ the young boy lost a brilliant chance by overestimating himself. It is time for Ram to analyze the mistakes before accepting the new scripts.


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