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Puri Broke The Trust Of NTR!?

Published: Wed 12th Oct 2016 09:49 PM

Kalyan Ram and Puri Ism – What’s Best and Worst?

NTR Unhappy With Puri Jagannath!?
NTR Unhappy With Puri Jagannath!?

The happiness re-enlightened among Junior NTR Fans with ‘Temper’ result isn’t staying long when the name of Puri Jagannath is taken. Yes, NTR made his elder brother Kalyan Ram to accept ‘Ism’ script despite both of them knew a fact that Puri isn’t in best of his forms and financial equations with him would land them in danger. However, Tarak believed completely in Puri and began the project.

As per the unofficial reports floating in entire film industry, ‘Ism’ is outright declared a loss making venture for Kalyan Ram as a producer. NTR is aware of one thing that Puri will not make his elder brother suffer on financials because of severe humiliation in last few projects made on NTR Arts banner scored only losses. Apparently, Puri went beyond NTR’s trusted calculations leaving ‘Ism’ to close the entire business on 5 Crores deficit.

The best Kalyan Ram can expect from ‘Ism’ is at least to do some major repairs to his dwindling career as actor. Even if this isn’t impossible, one thing is for sure… Puri remains at best of his worst times. Let’s wait till 21st to know… what’s best and what’s worst?


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