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Prakash Raj Offends Telugu Audience!

When legendary film makers like Dasari Narayana Rao certified Telugu audience as best to judge a movie, how can Prakash Raj insult same audience as bland and uninspiring. Surely PR is in a bit of frustration with weak performance of his last production, directorial ‘Mana Oori Ramayanam,’ a remake to Malayalam flick. 

It’s the same Telugu audience who respected and made him one of the highest paid elite artists. When he was doing fine as an artist becoming a part of those commercial potboilers and earning superb money thus developing a dangerous trend, there were no complaints about Telugu audience. When the circle is complete and he became a producer, director; now he started to complain about poor taste of Telugu audience. 

‘Look at Tamil, Kannada, Bengal and Malayalam audience; they show a duty and responsibility to preserve good cinema welcoming new concepts. Somehow, the same section is at minority proportion in Telugu. It should be the duty of younger generation to preserve their culture and sustain it for coming generations. Somewhere, we are going on degradation. I want Telugu viewers to be aggressive and promote good films,’ PR said in an interview.

Well, PR even took the names of Bapu, K Vishwanath, Krish, Sekhar Kammula, Yeleti for being failures in this generation. One has to seriously agree with PR opinion but at the same time it needs to be questioned on why are Telugu audience thrown into such commercial chaos? Is it not because of artists like PR? When you have spread the bacteria… it is you who have to find the antidote rather than blaming Telugu audience for just rejecting your ‘Mana Oori Ramayanam.’ 

Why hasn’t PR come out when Krish, Kammula and Yeleti suffered the same like him? Nevertheless, all the above said five to six directors names had their share of success credits unlike PR who just depended on remakes to be safe. When commercials come into equation, there is no space to discuss about so called good cinema. By the way, who is PR or some other director to decide, what’s a good and what’s a bad cinema? Is there a criteria and basis to differentiate it? Taste of audience and trends at Box Office are dynamic. Telugu viewers have been welcoming movies with new content. If MOR fared below the recovery of promotion and exhibition cost, there are other set of reasons which PR has to analyze.

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