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Only Arundathi, Nothing More!

Films high on VFX content mixed with strong story value are faring extra ordinary in present Tollywood. Especially, heroine centric subjects in socio fantasy genre have been the best bets among all. Thanks to veteran director Kodi Ramakrishna for building this new trend with ‘Arundathi’ which is still ruling entire Indian cinema, of course profusely in Southern India.

Here comes, Kodi’s new movie ‘Nagabharanam’ releasing this week. The high quality visual effects as shown in promotional teaser and trailer have caught the attention. Looks like, makers have stood hands up dropping their shoulders down at this penultimate hour of release by cutting down the promotions.

Starring Late Vishnuvardhan (created by CG), Ramya and other Kannada artists, the epic fantasy film is making zero buzz in Telugu market. In fact, many of the audience have gone uninformed about release date as 14th. The same film is releasing as ‘Naga Rahavu’ in Kannada simultaneously. Except the tag of ‘From the Director of Arundathi,’ there is no strong selling factor for ‘Nagabharanam’ in Telugu states.

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