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Nara Rohit Makes It Unproductive!

Published: Thu 20th Oct 2016 11:10 AM

Nara Rohit Shankara Releasing Tomorrow

Finally, Shankara Releasing Without Promotion
Finally, Shankara Releasing Without Promotion

From day one of inception, Nara Rohit’s new movie ‘Shankara’ got into good thoughts of audience. We were very much aware that ‘Shankara’ is remade from Tamil thriller ‘Mouna Guru.’ The basic idea of film sounds great and so was the execution in Tamil handled by Santha Kumar. With Thathineni Sathya roped to direct ‘Shankara,’ the film gained some credibility because he made a profuse mark in last movies ‘Bheemili Kabaddi Jattu’ and ‘SMS.’   

However, all such positive factors surrounding ‘Shankara’ evaporated in no time when it struggled to release lying in cans from months. Without any proper promotion and information to audience, ‘Shankara’ is hitting the screens tomorrow. Makers have to be blamed first for such pathetic release planning.

Whatsoever, Rohit will have one more outing in theaters tomorrow. ‘Shankara’ also stars Regina Cassandra in female lead. We can wait and see… how another good concept goes unproductive from tomorrow?


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