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Movie Flop, Formula Hit!

Published: Thu 13th Oct 2016 03:00 PM

Abhinetri Minting Money in Other Languages

Abhinetri Raking Good Numbers In Other Languages
Abhinetri Raking Good Numbers In Other Languages

Kona Venkat might have been seeing failures film after film as a writer but as an investor he is reaping good money. Yes, his association with safe horror comedy subjects like ‘Geethanjali’ paid him multiple returns. Now, he tried the same formula on a bigger casting like Prabhu Deva, Tamanna and Sonu Sood as ‘Abhinetri.’

Although, makers have claimed that ‘Abhinetri’ is made on a massive 70 Crores budget in three languages viz. ‘Abhinetri’ in Telugu, ‘Devi’ in Tamil and ‘Tutak Tutak Tutiya,’ critics mentioned in special on nothing of such magnitude was visible on screen. Whatever, the final Box Office output may be but trade sources are clearly accepting the movie as a huge profit churner.

Compared to ‘Abhinetri’ earnings in Telugu states, the adoration is high from Tamil audience for ‘Devi.’ Good ratings and positive word of mouth publicity is doing wonders in Tamil Nadu. Meanwhile, ‘Tutak Tutak Tutiya’ is also faring well in North. Although, ‘Abhinetri’ isn’t a hit but the formula of making a movie in three languages is surely a hit on business aspect.


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